4 responses to “On How CIDA re-wrote Colombia’s Mining Code and UBC’s CIDA-funded Mining Institute

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  2. Live thoughts as I listen:

    Not everyone knows the term ‘artisinal mining’ – careful. I loved your reply when Rick asked ‘why shouldn’t we share our expertise? Well said, clear and articulate. Ditto on ‘what questions do you want answered?’ local communities, accountability, conflict of interest – well done.

    I thought Dr. Klein’s intro would resonate with listeners, he basically said reduce poverty + up sustainability = yay. He lacks a compelling ‘how’ and I don’t think he understand the power and privilege that he has in ‘partnerships’ with locals which further hurts his ‘how.’ Sadly, I don’t think this is something that would occur to many in the public. It’s not how we’re taught to think.

    Snap on Al Jazeera backing you up without even knowing it.

    Really unimpressed with the professor’s like of ‘we’re a uni not part of the government or industry.’ Totally disregards the accountability his stakeholders would expect of him to do what they want.

    Dr. Klein: ‘Conflict arises because communities are not listened too.’ Umm duh. He’s still not acknowledging your argument Simon – if the communities and university (read: their stakeholders) have interested that don’t align, no amount of ‘listening’ will help. Backing off so communities can act on the THEIR priorities on THEIR LAND will help.

    Talk slower, says kettle to pot on a concluding note.

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